Hand made stained glass designs

When you get Kim's design, you are buying more than an object.

You are buying hundreds of hours of errors, experimentation, and education.

You are buying moments of pure joy and happiness.

You are buying a piece of her heart, a piece of her soul, a piece of her life, and dedication to her art.


Kim's Designs

The Window Fairy

Beautiful Suncatcher

This is designed to hang at a window of which the sunlight  shows the beauty of a great masterpiece 

The Autumn Tree

A lovely stained glass design

A very special piece showing a tree in a glowing autumn setting

Humming Birds

A design for any setting

Bird Hummingbird Stained glass.  Birds and flowers ail in colour glass will give the impression of obtaining nectar.


This window cling is perfect to put next to your plants!

It will shine rainbow light on them when the direct light shines through the window. 

The Fairy

Amazing Fantasy Design

Add color, charm, and class to any shelf. 

This unique glass frame makes a perfect gift that everyone will love.

The Maze

Stained Glass Window

Window Hanging Decor